Pharma Division


Organic Industries Pvt. Ltd., is one of the fast growing, most diversified conglomerates and market leader in polymer processing, packaging, pet bottles, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, mining, herbal extracts and specialized Phyto-pharmaceutical formulations. Currently, in order to be of service to the mankind, OIPL has entered healthcare segment; a visionary initiative to help medics in their noble cause to save life, worldwide.

Company Overview : Spread over 50 acres of land area with a total construction area of 19,000 sqmts, in Dahej, near Bharuch, Gujurat, India, Organic Industries is one of the upcoming and most reliable manufacturer of Intravenous Fluid therapy, Sterile Liquid Parenterals, both Small Volume Parenterals (SVP) and Large Volume Parenterals (LVP), committed to providing the best quality terminally sterilized and aseptically processed products

Quality Control and R&D

Our manufacturing operations are supported by state-of-the-art Quality control and R & D facility with highly sensitive and ultra-modern laboratoryequipments for Instrumental analysis, Chemical analysis, Micro-biological analysiswith competent and dedicated personnel and an innovative R & D team. QA covers all matters that influence the quality of the finished product like developing norms, standards and guidelines, SOP’s, process validation and auditing, essential for assurance of Quality.

SPECIAL FEATURES OF OUR BEST QUALITY I.V. PRODUCTS We have most modern systems to support our entire manufacturing process.

STERILIZATION: The solution undergoes ultra-filtration through 0.22 micron membrane filter and thereafter Terminal sterilization of products is carried out by “Super Heated Water Spray Sterilizer” (SHWSS).

NO LEAKAGE: Automated packing lines having 100% leak detection system.

WATER SYSTEM Double-pass RO and UF coupled with UV for generation of high grade purified water. Multi-Column distillation plant with Pure Steam Generator (PSG) forgeneration of pure, particle and pyrogen-free, sterile water for injection.