Organic has set up its bentonite processing facility in the year 2015 having one of the largest manufacturing facility of bentonite powder and lumps in India located in the state of Gujarat equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility with a capacity of 4000Mts per month.

An introduction to Bentonite which is a highly colloidal clay mineral formeddue to the decomoposition of volcanic ashs, it has the ability to absorb large quantities of water and expand to several times its normal volume, it gets its name from the place where it was first discovered – Fort Benton,America.

Bentonite is naturally occurring hydrated Alumina Silicate, there are two types of bentonite manily calcium and sodium.

Sodium Bentonite swells or expands to a greater degree than its calcium equivalent. Sodium Bentonite has higher swelling capacity, this property develops higher viscosity in suspensions, greater state of disaggregation,formation of smaller clay particles or greater colloidal properties.

The greatest application of sodium bentonite in industries is the result of its swelling property.

The sodium bentonite having more water absorpation capacity makes it suitable for industries like Foundry and civil engineering application and the calcium bentonite absorb lesser then sodium still it has some special application like cosmetics, paper Animal feed binder as many more to describe.

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