Calcium Hypochlorite


Calcium hypochlorite is an inorganic compound with formula  Ca(ClO)2. Calcium hypochlorite is one of the most widely used bleaching, sanitation and disinfecting agents in the world. Calcium hypochlorite is considered to be the best product to be used in swimming pool water treatment.

As a mixture with lime and calcium chloride, it is marketed as chlorine powder or bleach powder for water treatment and as a bleaching agent. It is an integral component of bleaching powder which also includes calcium chloride and slaked lime. Calcium hypochlorite is the second most used chemical type in the hypochlorite market; sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach) being the most used type.

However calcium hypochlorite has more available chlorine and is relatively more stable than liquid bleach. It smells of chlorine, owing to its slow decomposition in moist air it is used in a variety of applications, the most important being as a disinfectant and cleaner.

Calcium hypochlorite is extensively used as a chlorine compound, which is highly effective against several micro organisms such as algae, bacteria, fungi, slime and other harmful and unwanted micro-organisms which exist in the environment. The market is primarily driven by its use in swimming pools, hot tub water and spas. It is used in the swimming pools to kill thriving micro organisms which pose a threat to human health and also to prevent contamination.

Strong solutions of calcium hypochlorite are used to disinfect and sanitize pool sides, pool bottom, diving boards, decks, ladders and other surfaces. It is also extensively used to treat waste water and disinfect sewages. It is commonly used as a bleaching agent and also finds application as industrial sanitizer. Hence another important application of calcium hypochlorite is in the municipal water treatment plants. 

Calcium hypochlorite is preferred over chlorine liquid/gas and liquid bleach in water treatment application. It is also very effective for treating wells, ponds, lakes, controlling and removing algae in reservoirs, water bodies filters and other water treatment equipments. Calcium hypochlorite in tablet form is also used in potable water treatment applications.

Some other uses of calcium hypochlorite include sanitation of food (vegetables, fruits etc) and beverage containers, equipments in dairy farming, restaurants, farms and hospitals. It is also used to treat toxic waste water emitted by tanneries, textile mills, paper mills, and food processing plants among others.

The market demand for calcium hypochlorite has been on the rise owing to the increased health and sanitation consciousness of the general population post the epidemic outbreak of swine flu, avian flu, cholera, pertussis, common flu, West Nile virus, ebola virus and various other diseases in the past decade.

Organic Calcium Hypochlorite

Organic calcium hypochlorite manufactured by Organic Industries Pvt. Ltd., India is one of the leading brands in the world. ‘Organic’ brand of calcium hypochlorite is made using latest sodium process technology and is widely used around the world in keeping everyday modern life clean. Our installed annual production capacity is 12000 Metric Tons of calcium hypochlorite. and is one of the most valued manufacturers of water treatment chemicals in India.

We have set up our manufacturing capacity with core ideology of excellence with innovation and latest technology with an efficient quality management system. With high level of integrity we make ensure customers satisfaction. We strive to put our customers in a delight segment with our quality product and service. Customer’s satisfaction is our success and for us that is the criteria for growth.

We assure timely deliveries and value addition to our customers. With our honest business efforts, excellent quality and service we are looking forward to establishing partner relationships with dealers all over the world. We aim at making contributions to the society by implementing safe and environment friendly manufacturing facility with zero discharge.

Organic Calcium Hypochlorite provides simpler, safer and more effective system that chlorinates source and process water for swimming pools, commercial farms, meat processing plans and beverage and bottling facilities. Providing clean drinking water to society and ensuring waste water is safely released back into the environment is vitally important and many municipalities and communities including housing societies, apartment complexes rely on ‘Organic’ to ensure safe drinking water and waste water treatments. Simply rely on ‘Organic’ because the system is simple to maintain and cost effective to implement.

Industrial uses

On large scale industrial facilities, power plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, automotive assembly facilities, mines and all other such manufacturing units and segments need sanitized water as a part of their manufacturing process thus ‘Organic’ is used in many of these industries to provide sanitised water for rinsing, spraying, coating, washing or cooling during processing. The Company manufactures calcium hypochlorite in both tablets and granular form under its own brand name ‘Organic’, as well as on customized customer’s brand name and labels. Thus we ensure customised solution to all our cliental.

It is very convenient to use ‘Organic’ as it is one of the safest, simplest, economical and efficient method for pool treatment. ‘Organic’ is very easy to use in swimming pools as it suits both soft and hard water areas.

Why Choose Us

  • Organic is one of the most cost efficient calcium hypochlorite with simplest applications available in the market.
  • Organic is one of our finest achievements with high stability, friendly and easy application and strong, dependable & reliable quality.
  • We make sure timely deliveries and assure best service
  • Value addition to customer’s product and help them to build their brand with our quality product line.
  • ‘Organic’ contains much less salt tan many alternative sanitizers.
  • ‘Organic’ is suitable for hard and soft water conditions and added calcium to help prevent grout loss and available chlorine (70%) to ensure efficient chlorination.
  • ‘Organic’ is a chlorine compound, which is used to keep pools and spas disinfected and clear from contaminants. It kills and prevents the growth of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • It is widely used as a routine chlorinator, in shock treatment to improve water clarity. In concentrated form ‘Organic’ is a disinfectant for cleaning pool water, pool decks and walking surfaces, diving boards and ladders.
  • With advanced technology and international superior quality, ‘Organic’ enjoys a premium reputation in domestic and international markets.