Sodium Permanganate


Sodium Permanganate{NaMn04) is darkPurpl Black glistening crystal in its mono- hydrateform. Because of its hygroscopic nature it is soluble in water at almost all proportions. It is available commercially in its aqueous solution form. In Sodium Permanganate Manganese is at its +7 oxidation state and permanganateanion acts as a strong oxidising agent.It is somehow similar to Potassium permanganate and being highlysoluble in water applied where a higher concentration of permanganate anionisdesired.
Organic Industry Manufactures Sodium Permanganate 500mt/month

Uses And Applications

Mainly used as a strong oxidant,primarily to control taste and odors,removecolor,control biological growth in treatment plants,and remove iron and manganese.Permanganate can also be used for controlling the formation of trihalomethanes and other disinfection by

oxidizing precursors and reducing the demand for other disinfectants.Canbe used as a substitute to potassium permanganate in somecases. Used to remove insulating resinsmears from printed circuit boards.

Sodium permanganate is especially efficient to

(1) treat bleaching waste water with severe heavy metal ions of iron, chromium and manganese,
(2) improve the removal rate of dissolved organic matter in waste water,
(3) oxidative degradation of EDCs/PPCPs.


• Formaldehyde
• Hydrogensulfide
• Lower molecular weightaldehydes and organic acids
• Nitricoxide
• Sulfurdioxide
• Pre Oxidant for THM & HAA Control
• Radium Removal